I am Ankit Sharma. I am an entrepreneur focused majorly on running businesses related to technology and marketing innovation. Ankit.Digital is just an attempt of mine where I try to put my thoughts about anything related to the domains I am working in. You can call it a blog that includes most of the things which I either solve for myself or for others. I usually record them in the blog posts so that my words can reach a larger audience and help them if they are also upto the same problem. 

I am a hardfan of digital marketing and love it at it's core. I keep on learning new things whenever I get the chance to. Being in the industry for more than a decade I also love to mentor people who either wish to make their career in Digital Marketing or are running their own startups and would want to apply digital marketing for the growth hack.

I head 2 companies (Editsoft Digital and Uproi Digital) in the same domain where I have excellent minds working in together to do the required artwork. I call implementing digital marketing an art work, as I believe it is all about creative ideas to be executed differently at different situations. 

I am good at creating digital strategies for SME's to maximise ROI, Planning and execution of digital marketing campaigns, FB and Google Ads, Email Marketing Automation, SEO Audit, and implementing SEO(Offpage and Onpage) correctly. Please do not hesitate to connect me at hello[@]ankit[.]digital if you wish to ask for any help related to my domain areas.