Joomla Hosting Providers: Joomla is one of the most popular and secure CMS and there are quite a few hosts that support it. However, selecting the best Joomla hosts can be the biggest challenge for you. Many people love Joomla, but nobody wants to spend a couple of months sifting through bad web hosting providers.

For just save your time and money, we have analyzed a list of providers that claim to have a great platform for Joomla. So keep reading to find out which hosts can be better for you to host your Joomla website on it and which you should avoid.

Joomla Hosting Providers

Before starting the review and detail for every hosting we want to let you know about how we have evaluated the best Joomla Hosts:

Here are the steps we have followed for choosing our Joomla Hosting:

  1. Check reputation
  2. Go through the terms of service
  3. Check out hosting features
  4. Set up a Joomla website
  5. Test the support
  6. Check user reviews

So, Let’s begin with our list of best Joomla Website Hosting Providers:


Cloudways is a managed cloud services provider in terms of web hosting for PHP-Based CMSs like WordPress and Joomla.

Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways Performance

Cloudways performance is very hard to test. Cloudways lets you host apps on top public cloud providers like AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Vultr, etc. Meanwhile, Cloudways offers professional management for Cloud servers. It’s extremely fast and high uptime. For e.g., Netflix hosted on AWS, and did you heard anything about Netflix was down or speed issues in Netflix? The answer is No.

This managed Joomla hosting adds PHP 7 support, Cloudflare CDN, and Memcached, Varnish, and Redis caching mechanisms. This lets you get excellent load times with some extra optimization.

Customer Support in Cloudways

Cloudways offers a solid support team that is available 24/7 for you with virtual servers. Their tech support takes care of various things like virtual machine management, backups, and server maintenance. You can contact them anytime if something is not working properly or if you need something like learning materials.

You can also get any application-level support for Joomla. Their support team can help you in troubleshooting themes and plugins and optimize the CMS Performance for you.

Cloudways Features

This hosting runs a smooth management panel. This enables you the things like SSL Installation, server scaling options, and automated backups. You can also set up a custom backup schedule.

You will also get a ton of other security features. This includes a specially configured firewall, auto-healing servers, IP Whitelisting, and more.

Cloudways lets you scale server resources up or down on the go. You have to pay for the resources by the hour, so you can always get the exact allocation you need.

These features make Cloudways one of the best Joomla hosts if you’re unsure how many resources you’ll need.

Cloudways is an excellent solution with unique advantages. You can get a flexible platform for your Joomla site.

Cloudways Pricing

Cloudways Pricing

Pros of Cloudways

  • Runs on excellent cloud infrastructures
  • Insane scalability and reliability
  • Excellent support
  • Optimized server stack
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing

Cons of Cloudways

  • Pricy for starting out
  • The proprietary CDN is paid extra


Bluehost is one of the popular web hosting service providers for CMSs. There is no way around it. It works for over 80 platforms which include Joomla too.

bluehost joomla hosting

Performance of BlueHost

Bluehost has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Most providers also offer this, so it’s easy to see the source of the mix-up.

While Bluehost says it resolves most downtime issues within 15 minutes, it offers no guarantee. This is strange as most of their competitors offer at least small compensation for excessive downtime.

Not to worry, though. Bluehost’s actual uptime falls around 99.95%. Bluehost doesn’t tailor speed optimization tools specifically to Joomla web hosting. However, its configuration makes Joomla run fast even without speed optimization tools.

Customer Support of BlueHost

Bluehost support team feel personal despite servicing over a million users. Their agents take their time to review your issues and to give you the best possible answer.

Bluehost has many CMS experts in its support team. They have many experts that understand Joomla better and are available to help users with any technical issues.

Unfortunately, the knowledge base offers a few Joomla guides. Instead, Bluehost always points you to for documentation. You can get some general Joomla help there.

Features of BlueHost

In BlueHost, you will get a one-click installer for Joomla with speed optimization and security. Joomla server stack also optimized for the best performance.

BlueHost also offers some very advanced account access features. It can be very helpful when you need multiple users to access the admin panel which is important for larger Joomla websites.

Some basic features you will get:

  1. 50 GB SSD Storage
  2. Unmetered Bandwidth
  3. Free SSL Certificate
  4. Standard Performance
  5. FREE Domain for 1 Year
  6. Automatic Daily Malware Scan
  7. Free Google Adwords credits

BlueHost Pricing

BlueHost Pricing

Pros of BlueHost

  • Lightning-fast platform
  • Awesome features

Cons of BlueHost

  • Costly website migrations
  • No Joomla guides in the knowledge base


SiteGround used to be Joomla’s demo hosting provider—meaning you could get a free Joomla site from it. Although this isn’t the case anymore, the hosting provider is still an avid Joomla supporter and one of its top contributors.

siteground joomla hosting

Here’s how its plans benefit Joomla users.

Performance of SiteGround

SiteGround offers a 99.9% Uptime guarantee, and if they can’t provide 99.9% uptime then they will offer you a month of free hosting.

Their infrastructure delivers 99.99% uptime. You can also expect a few minutes of downtime per month.

SiteGround is the fastest web server and their server response time is under 0.2 seconds this year. Their server stack is optimized for Joomla, so you can get impressive server response time and loading speed as well.

In terms of Overall performance, SiteGround is among the best Joomla Hosts.

Customer Support of SiteGround

The customer support of SiteGround is a highlight of this hosting which is available 24/7 and responds to all queries immediately. They offer live chat support in which waiting time doesn’t more than 10 minutes and it’s only for some time not always and also you can also call them via phone.

SiteGround also has a number of Joomla articles in its knowledge base.

Features of SiteGround

You will get all the basic features like SSD Storage, an SSL Certificate, Security features, and a control panel.

SiteGround leads to impressive performance. It provides a custom Joomla Caching solution. Their other custom solution is the jHackGuard Joomla extension which provides an additional layer of security against SQL Injection, remote code executions, and XSS-Based attacks.

If you want to use Joomla for e-commerce then go with the biggest plan. And in that plan, you will get the advantage of the PCI-Complaint server and all additional speed with security features.

Some Basic features include:

  1. Unmetered Traffic
  2. Free SSL
  3. Daily Backup
  4. Free CDN
  5. Free Email
  6. Unlimited Databases
  7. 100% renewable energy match
  8. 30-Days Money-Back

SiteGround Pricing

SiteGround Pricing

Pros of SiteGround

  • Top-notch support
  • Excellent Joomla-specific features
  • Top performance
  • eCommerce-ready

Cons of SiteGround

  • Somewhat limited starter plan

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting services provide speed and performance. It’s also a Joomla sponsor and offers to host for it.

a2 joomla hosting

Performance of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting provides guarantee of 99.9% uptime and the actual uptime stays above 99.99% which is almost perfect.

Average response time is 0.54 seconds, the basic page load time is 1.15 seconds. This seems to be reasonable but a few of the best Joomla hosting providers are faster.

Customer Support of A2 Hosting

Their customer support is awesome. They are available 24/7, and customer support agents are much knowledgeable about CMS Hosting. They are basically prefer solving your issues themselves rather than answering your questions. They have much experience of Joomla and they can quickly resolve your easy to difficult queries.

Features of A2 Hosting

  1. Unlimited SSD Space & Transfer
  2. Free & Easy Site Migration
  3. Free Automatic Backups
  4. Easy Money Back Guarantee
  5. 99.9% Uptime Commitment
  6. 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support
  7. Free SSL Certificate

A2 Hosting Pricing

A2 Hosting Pricing

Pros of A2 Hosting

  • Top performance
  • Effective support team

Cons of A2 Hosting

  • Few Joomla features


DreamHost has a commitment to the open-source community, so all of its hosting services are built with open source. Joomla, as a leading open-source application, thus is well supported by this web host.

DreamHost web hosting

Performance of DreamHost

DreamHost guarantees 100% server uptime which excludes the scheduled maintenance. If your email, webmail, SSH, FTP, or database is not working just due to a failure of the server or network then you can ask them for a credit of a 1-day hosting fee for each hour of downtime.

Customer Support of DreamHost

DreamHost offers technical support by various means. If you have some urgent issues then you can start online chat from your control panel or you can also submit a support ticket and they usually respond within 2 hours.

Features of DreamHost

  1. SSL secured server and SSH access
  2. Perl, Python, Ruby, SSI, and CGI
  3. IPv6 support
  4. The access to log files
  5. Fast SSD Storage
  6. Free SSL Certificate
  7. Add Email as low as $1.67/mo
  8. Free Domain

DreamHost Pricing

DreamHost Pricing

Pros of DreamHost

  • Monthly billing available
  • Good Loading speed
  • Average Uptime
  • Free SSL

Cons of DreamHost

  • Too Costly
  • Email accounts are not free
  • Renewal costs also high
  • No option to choose data centers outside the USA.
  • Limited Live Chat option


InMotion hosting is one of the most popular and leading independent hosting providers.

inmotion hosting

Due to this, InMotion gets better each month for the time being, while many other providers are stuck in the same position.

Performance of InMotion

InMotion Hosting provides a 99.9% uptime. InMotion Hosted websites speed depends upon the location of your audience. InMotion Hosting has two servers in the U.S and you can host your Joomla website for your US audience and deliver your content quickly. They have a product which is Max Speed Zones which can reduce latency issues, but this also gets mixed results. Their server response time is also better which results in decreasing the loading time of any website.

Customer Support of InMotion

You can contact their support via live chat and Skype also. Experts on the support team of InMotion are much knowledgeable about Joomla and want to help with your website anytime. They also offer a knowledge base which is also with various Joomla articles.

Features of InMotion

Basic features you will get in all of their plans:

  1. Easy Google Apps Integration
  2. One-Click Installs of 400+ Applications
  3. Free No-Downtime Website Migration
  4. Free Website Builder
  5. WP-CLI Enabled
  6. Money-Back Guarantee
  7. Free SSD Storage
  8. PHP 7 Supported (up to 3x faster load times)
  9. Max Speed Zones
  10. Easy Control Panel
  11. Powered by UltraStack
  12. Spam Experts
  13. Safe Application Roll-Back
  14. Backup Manager Available
  15. SSH Access
  16. Free SSL Certificate
  17. 24/7/365 U.S.-Based Support
  18. Hack & Malware Protection

InMotion Pricing

InMotion Pricing

Pros of InMotion

  • A top performer in the US
  • Excellent features
  • Great scaling
  • Expert support

Cons of InMotion

  • Relatively low inode cap
  • Suboptimal performance outside the US


Hostinger is one of the popular hosting service providers and it also provides free hosting for a year with its copyright at the bottom for various CMSs. Their hosting services are also much popular for their cheap plans and discounts.

hostinger web hosting

Performance of Hostinger

Hostinger’s uptime is always above 9.9% which is better. This hosting offers the standard 99.9% uptime guarantee and refunds 5% of your hosting fee if it fails to provide that much uptime which is trustable.

Hostinger’s speed is impressive. This provider scored a responsive time of 0.19 seconds and required speed for loading a page in 0.68 seconds.

The speed of any website falls when your website has high traffic but this hosting doesn’t slow down your website much.

Customer Support of Hostinger

Their customer support team is available 24/7 from live chat and ticketing system although they don’t offer support by phone.

Features of Hostinger

Features offered by Hostinger in their most popular plan:

  1. 100 Websites
  2. 100 Email Accounts
  3. Unlimited Monthly Visitors
  4. 2X Allocated Resources
  5. Free SSL Certificate (₹885/lifetime value)
  6. Free Domain (₹1,089/yr value)
  7. LiteSpeed Cache
  8. WordPress Acceleration (LSCWP)
  9. Cloudflare Protected Nameservers
  10. Github Integration
  11. 24/7/365 Support
  12. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  13. DNS Management
  14. Access Manager
  15. Unlimited MySQL Databases
  16. 100 Subdomains
  17. Unlimited FTP Accounts
  18. Unlimited Cronjobs
  19. SSH Access
  20. Weekly Backups

Hostinger Pricing

Hostinger Pricing

Pros of Hostinger

  • Amazingly affordable
  • Fast servers
  • Decent resource allocation
  • Solid control panel

Cons of Hostinger

  • Poor support
  • Few features for Joomla


HostGator cares for over 10 million domains over the world. HostGator is one of the largest hosting providers. HostGator has a bit of a shaky reputation. But this host did make various improvements in the last few years.

HostGator hosting

HostGator Performance

Practically HostGator demonstrated perfect uptime. HostGator is one of the most reliable hostings among the others that host Joomla sites.

They offer 99.9% uptime.

Their server speed is just average. HostGator scored the best load speeds and response times under load about tenth out of seventeen. You will get decent load speed and have good response times under load.

Customer Support of HostGator

Every hosting quality starts with support. Their support can provide help with Joomla 24/7 but it’s some kind of slower than others. Their agent does not really know much more about the product. They also provide a knowledge base with a few dozen articles on Joomla.

Features of HostGator

Their most recommended plan includes the below features:

  1. Unlimited Domains
  2. Unmetered SSD Disk Space
  3. Unmetered Transfer
  4. Unlimited Email Account(s)
  5. Unlimited Databases
  6. Free Positive Comodo SSL
  7. Free .Net Domain for 1 Yr
  8. Free Dedicated IP

HostGator Pricing

HostGator Pricing

Pros of HostGator

  • Reliable servers
  • A few decent features
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Cheap Pricing

Cons of HostGator

  • Mediocre support
  • Little in terms of unique tools


MilesWeb when started then they are just a local host in India before breaking out into the global market. Do you know, today it runs various data centers worldwide and also provides management on some of the top public cloud services.

milesweb hosting

MilesWeb Performance

MilesWeb’s Joomla plans run on AWS and not on their own servers. If you are familiar with AWS then you should know the platform performs excellently. This host guarantees a 99.95% uptime and they don’t get you down more than 20 minutes per month.

AWS Servers can get you a worldwide presence and the fastest speed too.

Customer Support of MilesWeb

They offer their support from live chat and phone and these are available on the main page. MilesWeb customer support agents are there to answer your queries too quickly and 24/7 anytime.

Their agents are too quick and also they provide a link to the knowledge base which can solve your issue and help you better.

Features of MilesWeb

  1. Host 1 Website
  2. 1GB SSD Disk Space
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth
  4. cPanel Control Panel
  5. Softaculous 1-click Installer
  6. Free Drag and Drop Sitebuilder
  7. Unlimited Sub-Domains
  8. Unlimited Parked Domains
  9. Unlimited SSL Certificate
  10. Unlimited FTP Users
  11. Virus Scanner
  12. Image Manager
  13. 10 Email Accounts
  14. Site Builders

MilesWeb Pricing

MilesWeb Pricing

Pros of MilesWeb

  • AWS servers
  • Decent features
  • Free Joomla migration
  • Solid knowledge base

Cons of MilesWeb

  • Kind of pricey
  • Bare-bones starter plan
  • No money-back policy for the Joomla plans


They are a green hosting company that mainly focuses on helping small business owners. Their solutions provide greater speed and security for eCommerce websites.

hostpapa hosting

Let’s see what its web hosting for Joomla offers:

Performance of HostPapa

HostPapa provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee but they don’t offer any refund policy if it doesn’t get 99.9% in uptime.

This hosting provides high speed and like others, they also get slow when your website gets high traffic but their server response is better and also load time doesn’t look bad. Their stack is almost optimized specially for Joomla, so HostPapa is one of the best Joomla hosts in terms of response time and load speed.

Customer Support of HostPapa

Their customer support is available 24/7 through phone calls, live chat, and email. Their support agents are well known about Joomla and they will be able to answer all of your questions much faster than others and also they can solve your complicated problems as well.

When you are a new customer then they will provide you a 30- minutes one0on0one call with an expert which serves as a course in website ownership and is perfect for a Joomla website hosting.

Features of HostPapa

Features of the Most popular plans of HostPapa are:

  1. Unlimited websites
  2. Unlimited SSD Storage
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth
  4. Free Domain Registration
  5. Mobile-friendly responsive design templates
  6. One-click app install
  7. Unlimited Email accounts
  8. Unlimited Email forwarding accounts
  9. Unlimited Email autoresponders
  10. Email aliases
  11. Email virus scanning
  12. Business-grade email available
  13. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  14. Enhanced SSL certs
  15. 24/7 FTP access
  16. phpMyAdmin
  17. Softaculous script installer

HostPapa Pricing

HostPapa Pricing

Pros of HostPapa

  • Performs well
  • Attentive support
  • Excellent eCommerce features
  • Great for beginners

Cons of HostPapa

  • Automated backups are a paid feature
  • Unclear uptime guarantee

Closing Words

When you are going to select any hosting for your Joomla website then you should check about the uptime, storage, security, speed, and user reviews if you have found the best hosting then you can select one but there is no guarantee you will get overall best hosting as every feature may vary from one another.

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