Find .htaccess in AWS Linux AMI: If you are new to AWS and are in trouble finding the .htaccess file for your WordPress installation, then you are at a very apt place. You might have your WordPress installation using bitnami image on AWS, Linux AMI / Linux 2 AMI or Ubuntu, or any other.

Like other shared hosting, Amazon VPC does not have a .htaccess file with the name on the server. Rather you will be able to find it here : /etc/httpd/httpd.conf

You can carry out anything from here that you want to do through the .htaccess file. The various operation can be done through httpd.conf file similar to that of .htaccess. Few examples :

  • Defining File paths
  • Redirection
  • Canonical rules
  • blocking/allowing IPs
  • blocking/allowing certain bots.
  • etc

I hope this post helped you. In case something doesn’t make sense to you in this post, you can comment below and I shall explain it to you.


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