Digital Marketing For Pharmaceutical Products: There are various uncovered aspects of selling Nutra products online. And I will uncover them all in this blog post. When it comes to promoting Nutra products it is important to choose your promotion methods accurately and these methods are valid even if you are a seller or if you are a manufacturer. This blog post will also cover digital marketing for nutraceutical products and companies.

Digital Marketing For Pharmaceutical Products

I would be very precise and calculative in explaining my process-based approach. Sales in ecom industry is a function of a good process. So we have to implement all the digital marketing strategies in order to complement a good process that can ultimately build an unlimited sales funnel. Let’s begin step by step.

Digital Strategy to Sell Nutraceutical products with digital marketing

  1. Building an online E-Com Store is very important if you want to have good sales without being dependent on third-party platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and others. We recommend building this store using Shopify due to the responsive features of Shopify and having its adaptability in scaling the store as much as we wish to. We are Shopify partners in India and so we can also help in-store building part, if not developed already.
  2. Influencers Outreach. To have better marketing of our products via social media and other mediums, we need to reach out to influencers and experts in the industry and collaborate with them to promote our products. These influencers can be – Health Experts | Health Bloggers | Food Bloggers | Gym Trainers | Nutritionist | Fitness Freaks and many more.
  3. Influencer outreach programs can be further categorized into two models – Pay Per Post and Become an Affiliate.
  4. Launch Giveaway: To increase the organic reach for our products, we can introduce weekly giveaways of our products. These giveaways shall have certain rules that will directly impact the virality of our products. You can have a look at one of the good case studies of Kingsumo. We use Kingsumo to create viral giveaways.
  5. Promote and Run ads around multiple lead magnets. There are various lead magnets including – Ebook | Health Guide | Checklist | How to PDF and so on. Let me put an example here. Here’s an E-Book on “Nutrition as a part of Therapy in the Treatment of Liver Disease“. Now, this Ebook will have useful content for the patient that shall include our products. Also, we run ads around this lead magnet to promote it and then build our sustainable email list. Two benefits we got – We sent out our product promotion to the prospect in terms of e-book and we also have the prospect’s email address.
  6. These lead magnets can be promoted on FB, Insta, Google, Native Ads, Pinterest, and Youtube Videos. This promotion can be organic and paid.
  7. Launch Drip campaigns around email lists built from lead magnets. For example. In the above case, the lead magnet was the ebook for Liver patients. So we have prospects to whom we can always follow up regarding our products related to the Liver. Or we can ask them to schedule a free appointment with our Nutritionist for a better understanding of improving liver problems. Such drip campaigns focus on sending a series of emails on various parameters. These parameters can be the Last email open or not, E-Book downloaded or not, visited our landing page or not, Abandoned cart or not. Below the drip, chart is an example of drip email series. We use our in-house built app called Sell3x to perform email marketing automation.

Here’s an example of a drip-email campaign:

  1. Let us say we have got 1000 email subscribers from our lead magnet – Nutrition as a part of Therapy in the Treatment of Liver Disease. Now we send out email campaigns as a drip series. Each email shall contain a link back to our landing page or store. This will have two impacts – Sales or No sales from our E-Com Store. If it’s a sale, very good. If it’s not a sale, we will put all this audience who clicked on the link and visited our landing page on Facebook and Google re-marketing ad funnel. This ad funnel shall show ads to the audience claiming 25% flat off on their first purchase.
  2. Email Marketing – Email marketing needs to be done for various processes.- Asking Gym Trainers, Celebrities, Influencers, Food Bloggers, Nutritionists,s and others to join our Affiliate program and our outreach program.- Reaching out to our prospects through email lists.- Emailing existing customers to buy again. The entire strategy will not be focused on just one marketing channel. We will leave no DM channel unturned and employ all the strategies in parallel so as to have aggressive promotion and sales in the process.
  3. Remarketing Campaigns – There’s a saying in internet marketing that it takes 7 attempts for a visitor to convert into a customer. This means that you have to get into the eyes of a prospect at least 7 times so that he could make a decision. Re-marketing comes in here. We do this with the help of Facebook and Google Ads. If someone has visited your website once, you can make him visit your landing page/website/lead magnet or anything related by re-marketing him.

Concluding Notes –

Digital Sales is a function of an optimized digital marketing process. And we at Editsoft Digital are highly inclined toward building the same process.

Digital marketing is all about how creative you can be. And when it comes to being innovative about your approach, I am cent percent sure about how my team would execute the plan perfectly. So, in the end, it matters about the execution only. There are a lot of places available over the internet to find out about new plans, ideas, and promotional methods but the thing that owns the result is just the execution. Thus, my suggestion is to have full focus on the implementation part and then take your project ahead.

In any case, if you feel like I becoming your digital partner or consultant in helping you take your business to a greater height, just let me know here – Contact Me

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