In this blog, I am going to tell you about Top 10 Fintech influencers in India for your financial services. In India, the fintech industry has seen remarkable growth over the years, with startups and innovators disrupting traditional financial services. In this dynamic landscape, several influential individuals have emerged as thought leaders, shaping the future of fintech in India.

Fintech Influencers

How to Choose a Fintech Influencer?

So let me tell you first that Choosing a fintech influencer involves a thoughtful selection process to ensure that the individual aligns with your brand’s objectives and resonates with your target audience. Here are steps to help you choose the right fintech influencer:

  1. Define Your Goals
  2. Understand Your Target Audience
  3. Research Potential Influencers
  4. Check Expertise and Credibility
  5. Assess Follower Engagement
  6. Examine Content Quality
  7. Check for Brand Alignment
  8. Evaluate Reach and Influence
  9. Review Engagement and Comments
  10. Negotiate Terms and Budget

Role of Fintech Influencers in the Financial Industry in India

Fintech Influencers in the Financial Industry

Fintech influencers play a significant role in the financial industry in India by leveraging their expertise and reach to educate, inform, and shape perceptions about financial technology.

Top 10 Fintech Influencers in India with Updated Details 2023

Sharan Hegde

Sharan is widely regarded as one of the top financial Gurus in India. He can help you save money and invest it in the right assets.

Sharan Hegde is a financial speaker, influencer, management consultant and content creator from Bangalore, Karnataka, India, known for providing investment insights to millions on social media platforms. News outlets like Times of India, Mint and the News Minute have featured the influencer on their pages. Sharan made an appearance on ETnow, where he stressed on the importance of educating Gen-Z about their finances.

  • 2.3M Followers on Instagram
  • Average Views on Reels: 200k to 2M
  • Instagram Handle: financewithsharan

He also imparts advice on secure investments and intelligent financial savings. This influential figure in the Indian finance scene maintains an impressive engagement rate of 3.61%. On an average basis, Sharan garners 676,000 views, 58,000 likes, and 453 comments, resulting in a remarkable like-to-comment ratio of 129:1. Sharan employs humor to elucidate complex concepts, making them easily digestible.

One of his posts, addressing the topic of ‘Investing in Gold in Dubai,’ accumulated a staggering 12.3 million views, along with 536,000 likes and 1,385 comments. Additionally, Sharan Hegde has established affiliations with Policybazaar and Groww, creating content for them on the YouTube platform.

Neha Nagar

Neha empowers young women to take up careers in the finance field.

Neha Nagar, a financial advisor and wealth manager, serves as the founder of, a company specializing in assisting startups with their financial requirements.

Neha stands out in her field, consistently producing high-quality finance-related content by drawing upon her extensive years of experience. This achievement has propelled her into the limelight, establishing her as a recognized figure within the finance niche and earning her admiration and acknowledgment from financial enthusiasts globally. Notably, prominent media outlets have been drawn to Neha’s unwavering commitment and passion for her profession. For instance, NewsX extended an invitation to Neha to share her insights on cryptocurrency. During the interview, Neha provided invaluable insights that have dispelled many uncertainties individuals may have had regarding digital currencies.

  • 1.5M Followers on Instagram
  • Average Views on Reels: 300k to 1M
  • Instagram Handle: iamnehanagar

Neha Nagar is a prominent authority on topics such as IPOs, LIC, the stock market, mutual funds, income tax, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and financial planning. Whether you’re wondering which stocks to invest in, why a company’s stocks are declining, or what the next major IPO in India will be, Neha has the answers. Her Instagram account dedicated to money and finance boasts a collection of over 500 videos spanning various financial verticals. Neha boasts an impressive engagement rate of 5.95%, and her followers can anticipate three new posts from her every week. On average, her posts garner 953K views, 54K likes, and 439 comments.

Rachana Phadke Ranade

Rachana Ranade can help you in developing financial discipline and invest wisely with the best stock market trading tips.

Rachana Phadke Ranade is a multifaceted Indian professional who wears several hats as an entrepreneur, chartered accountant, educator, YouTuber, investor, and venture capitalist. She has gained recognition in the Indian finance community for her engaging content creation spanning topics such as stock markets, investment strategies, financial principles, business models, and much more. Through her Instagram platform, Rachana imparts valuable knowledge to her audience, offering guidance on tax and capital gains calculations, loan selection, understanding mutual funds, grasping financial fundamentals, uncovering life insurance insights, delving into unlisted stock investments, exploring technical analysis, and meticulously analyzing companies to provide deeper insights for her followers. The knowledge she shares empowers individuals to make more informed and astute investment choices.

  • 998K Followers on Instagram
  • Average Views on Reels: 300k to 5M
  • Instagram Handle: ca_rachanaranade

She manages an Instagram account dedicated to finance expertise, boasting an impressive engagement rate of 1.28%. Rachana regularly updates her content, with a preference for videos, and she posts every other day. One of her standout posts, a Reel discussing the “Psychology Of Money” in collaboration with Sharan Hegde, garnered a whopping 1.3 million views, 74.4K likes, and 639 comments. Her videos are designed to simplify intricate financial concepts for her audience.

Rachana also utilized her Instagram platform to promote an event in partnership with Unacademy, one of India’s largest e-learning platforms, where she shared her journey towards becoming a Chartered Accountant. This event was open to all and could be accessed for free by using a special code.

Ashish Dawar

Ashish helps his audience deal with their financial and personal legalities.

Ashish Dawar serves as a legal consultant, digital content producer, and advocate, aiding individuals in addressing their legal issues. He has earned recognition on prominent news platforms such as Outlook, News 18, and Indian Express for his efforts to raise awareness among the younger generation.

Ashish possesses a level of knowledge and wisdom that stands out within the industry. His passion for educating and empowering his students with the essential tools and mindset for success has cultivated a dedicated fanbase. Furthermore, Ashish’s reputation and the respect he has accumulated over the years have captured the interest of globally renowned brands eager to collaborate with him as an influencer.

  • 2.7M Followers on Instagram
  • Average Views on Reels: 100k to 900k
  • Instagram Handle: iamlegalbaba

As a dedicated advocate and influencer in the realm of financial guidance, Ashish has significantly transformed numerous lives for the better. Through his content, he educates his audience on essential topics such as secure property transfers, loan repayments, real estate investments, legal regulations, individual rights, and currency laws. His Instagram feed is consistently updated with a stream of photos, videos, and motivational posts, particularly notable at 8:00 A.M. each day.

On average, Ashish’s financial Instagram account boasts an impressive engagement rate of 1.02%, accumulating 20,000 likes, 160,000 views, and 253 comments. He effectively employs videos to disseminate his knowledge, with his IG page garnering an average of 126.6K video views per post. Ashish enjoys an expansive reach, reaching 930,000 individuals with each of his posts. Additionally, his Reels content also attracts a substantial viewership, as evidenced by the most-watched reel, which amassed an impressive 691.3K views from 506.5K users.

Raj Shamani

Raj can change your mindset positively and make you financially smarter

Shamani, a young and exceptionally talented business expert, has garnered a wealth of experience through his public speaking engagements and personal interactions spanning a wide array of industries. A significant portion of his expertise has been cultivated through collaborations with second-generation business owners who manage family enterprises. Shamani staunchly advocates for instilling a family-centric business mindset within large corporations. Notably, Shamani is a three-time Tedx speaker and ranks among the foremost financial speakers in his field. Remarkably, by the age of 21, he had delivered 100 keynote presentations across 23 different countries. Furthermore, he was appointed as a frequent speaker and presenter representing the United Nations, making him one of the youngest Indian delegates to address the United Nations in Vienna.

  • 1.7M Followers on Instagram
  • Average Views on Reels: 600k to 5M
  • Instagram Handle: rajshamani

The focal point of his public speaking engagements predominantly revolves around the themes of global audience outreach, seizing opportunities for personal greatness, and achieving remarkable growth and sales figures. His presentations encompass topics such as becoming a influential figure in the business world and how business owners can progressively enhance their enterprises through their personal interests. Furthermore, he enjoys significant popularity on Instagram, where he consistently shares videos and articles pertaining to financial wisdom and savvy. With an impressive following of over a million people and an engagement rate of 2.78 percent, his content frequently trends on the platform, often garnering millions of views. For those seeking an accessible and effective way to enhance their financial acumen, his account is a valuable resource to follow.

Shivanshu Agrawal

He will make your mind tuned to all the concepts of finance

Shivanshu Agrawal has rapidly emerged as a prominent figure in the finance world, known for delivering high-quality content on social media. His ascent to success can be attributed to his exceptional ability to conceive innovative ideas and experiment with them while imparting knowledge to his audience. Shivanshu’s passion for the financial and business realms inspired him to leave his job a year ago, dedicating himself to creating content for like-minded individuals eager to stay informed about various concepts, finance news, market trends, and more, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

  • 1.3M Followers on Instagram
  • Average Views on Reels: 100k to 800k
  • Instagram Handle: marketingshivanshu

In a remarkably short span of less than a year, he has accumulated over 170 million views on his content. His reels, where he dissects the business strategies of renowned brands or elucidates their financial management techniques—such as Colgate’s business strategy or Bisleri’s marketing approach to maximize return on investment—have resonated deeply with his audience. Viewers appreciate how these insights fine-tune their understanding of how things operate. Consequently, his engagement rate ranks among the highest in his niche, and Forbes has honored him by including him in their prestigious list of the top 100 digital creators. If you’re seeking a finance influencer who can provide comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about finance, Shivanshu Agrawal is the ideal choice!

Ujjwal D Gadhvi

Ujjwal brings his experience from multiple niches to help you grow your personal wealth, secure your money and achieve financial freedom.

We are consistently amazed by the wealth of knowledge that Finance Influencers in India bring to the forefront. Among the notable figures fitting this description is Ujjwal D Gadhvi, a chartered accountant who is actively shaping the lives of numerous finance enthusiasts through his real-time financial teachings.

  • 1M Followers on Instagram
  • Average Views on Reels: 30k to 100k
  • Instagram Handle: finspire_ujjwal

Ujjwal, an alumnus of prestigious institutions such as IIM and IIT, enjoyed a prosperous career as a business analyst before transitioning into roles as an anchor, speaker, and coach. He takes pride in producing thought-provoking content and videos that are meticulously crafted, providing viewers with clear and detailed explanations. Thanks to his expertise in finance, business, and marketing, Ujjwal has been invited as a TEDx speaker at several prestigious institutions. He is also a regular guest at Josh talks, where he shares his valuable experiences.

Across Instagram and YouTube, Ujjwal has created a substantial body of content for his audience. I encourage you to visit his profiles to gain valuable insights into topics such as insurance claims, discounts, government schemes, business news, technology, wealth generation, scam prevention, credit cards, entrepreneurship, and more. Beyond the broader financial landscape, Ujjwal also addresses financial events impacting individuals’ lives. For instance, in one of his videos, he provides an in-depth guide on how to file an insurance claim in the event of a gas cylinder explosion. The video not only explains the claims procedure but also highlights the specific damages covered by insurance. Evidently, the video was incredibly helpful, as reflected by its impressive engagement metrics, boasting 436.3K likes and 533 comments.

Ujjwal has spared no effort in covering a wide array of topics that can positively impact his audience. On Instagram, he maintains an impressive engagement rate of 4.2% and consistently shares at least one short video every day. By tuning in to Ujjwal’s content, you are guaranteed to enrich your knowledge with each viewing.

Shreyaa Kapoor

She can make you smarter with money one reel at a time.

Shreyaa Kapoor, a former Bain & Company consultant with a background in finance, made the bold decision to leave her full-time job approximately a year ago. Her mission was to simplify complex financial concepts through engaging Instagram video clips. Her content, featured primarily in reels, covers topics such as prudent financial decision-making, investing, and the intricacies of the stock market, among others. What sets her apart is her exceptional acting skills and her knack for conveying intricate ideas in an entertaining and humorous manner.

  • 654K Followers on Instagram
  • Average Views on Reels: 100k to 180k
  • Instagram Handle: shreyaakapoor_

Thanks to her unique talent and teaching style, Shreyaa frequently finds herself in the trending section of Instagram reels, amassing millions of views. Beyond her financial expertise, she’s also a master of Instagram itself. She prioritizes consistency in her posts, actively engages her audience through interactive stories, and collaborates with renowned finance influencers like financewithsharan and CA Rachna Ranade. These strategies have propelled her Instagram following to nearly 200,000 loyal followers, boasting an impressive engagement rate of 6.43%, all while maintaining an impressive portfolio of 309 posts.

Shreyaa’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed by finance-related brands, who are eager to partner with her due to her strong connection with her audience and her creative approach to integrating sponsors into her content. If you’re seeking an effortless way to enhance your financial literacy, Shreyaa Kapoor’s Instagram account is a must-follow. She stands as one of the most knowledgeable and engaging finance-savvy influencers on the platform.

Nidhi Nagori

Finance, Helps in career opportunities and courses to earn higher.

If you’re struggling to make a decision about your post-graduation plans, you’re not alone. Countless college students and recent graduates are grappling with the same dilemma. Even those who have found their path may be uncertain about securing a good job. Addressing this significant issue, Nidhi Nagori, a prominent influencer, has stepped up to provide valuable guidance. Nidhi Nagori, renowned for her presence on YouTube and Instagram, is a lifestyle influencer hailing from India. She gained recognition primarily through her Instagram account and leverages her international experience, having worked with top global companies as a Chartered Accountant. Her mission is to shed light on international opportunities and assist thousands of immigrants in their job searches.

  • 1.2M Followers on Instagram
  • Average Views on Reels: 180k to 500k
  • Instagram Handle: nidhinagori29

Nidhi Nagori stands out as one of the most influential figures, boasting a dedicated following and an impressive engagement rate of 1.97% on her YouTube channel, where she has amassed nearly 170,000 followers. Her content covers a wide range of topics, including identifying countries with the highest scholarship offerings, selecting the right college, excelling in interviews with major corporations, exploring the best work-from-home opportunities, pursuing certificate courses that enhance job prospects and income, financial matters, and more. In these uncertain times, she has proven to be an invaluable resource to her followers, who trust her insights. This trust has also led numerous brands to collaborate with her, yielding outstanding returns on investment.

Ankur Warikoo

Ankur can help bring balance to work and personal life with the right skills and habits.

Ankur Warikoo, hailing from India, is a multifaceted individual who serves as a public speaker, educator, entrepreneur, and content creator. Among his areas of expertise, he imparts valuable guidance to his followers on optimizing their time, energy, and financial resources. Ankur plays a pivotal role in empowering his audience to enhance their daily productivity, ultimately contributing to their financial well-being. His content spans a wide array of topics, including time management, financial savings, startup endeavors, talents and skills development, cultivating positive habits, navigating through failures, fostering friendships, and achieving stability in life. On average, his Reels amass an impressive 240.5K views. In one of his notable Reels, Ankur recommended three transformative books that have the potential to reshape people’s perspectives on life and work.

  • 2.6M Followers on Instagram
  • Average Views on Reels: 100k to 1M
  • Instagram Handle: ankurwarikoo

His followers overwhelmingly embraced the post, resulting in 1.3 million views, 78.8 thousand likes, and 303 comments on the video. The majority of his content focuses on topics such as growth hacks, life lessons, books, personal development tips, motivational quotes, productivity improvement methods, common mistakes to avoid, financial dos and don’ts, and essential skills. Ankur consistently shares a minimum of four new pieces of content daily, usually at 8 A.M. Interestingly, his profile boasts twice as many photos as videos. His posts maintain an engagement rate of 0.89%, garnering an average of 111 thousand views, 15 thousand likes, and 210 comments, and the likes-to-comments ratio remains at 93:1.

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