Drupal Hosting Services– Drupal is not much popular as WordPress, but it’s just capable of creating a secure website for your business. If you are looking to publish much amount of content or want to sell products then Drupal can be a sensible choice for CMS (Content Management System).

What is Drupal?

Drupal ranks 3rd in the list of most popular CMSs, with WordPress and Joomla, holding the top two spots. Its market share is 4.8% with more than 577,00+ active sites. It may not be easy to learn for users. It requires basic knowledge of PHP and web development, so it is not as user-friendly as WordPress.

Best Web Hosting Platform for Drupal

If you want to run Drupal, it’s important to choose the right web host that offers Drupal optimization. If you are new to Drupal or assistance then I will help you to find out better web host for Drupal.

So Why Drupal Specific Hosting Companies?

You need Some specific features:

Best Server Infrastructure

They can be able to provide a server infrastructure that is optimized for running Drupal websites in a way.

Better Speed

They should provide the feature to help Drupal run faster. Like you can use caching tools.

Better Support

They can provide the best hosting support so that they can understand the complete Drupal features and their errors.

Best Security and Compatibility

Hosting should have a better Drupal Community and be able to provide security notifications, even they should have to provide notifications for server upgrades to handle in upcoming Drupal versions.

Top Drupal Specific Hostings

These Drupal hosting companies are the biggest hosting providers for Drupal. They may be expensive but they offer the best services for Drupal for running your Drupal website smoothly. They also offer lots of extra tools and features that can help you to manage and deploy your Drupal websites.

These are the things common in all these hosting services:

  1. They were all founded by Drupal users, including one by the founder of Drupal himself.
  2. They all provide Staging test environments.
  3. They all do Drupal hosting a little differently.


pantheon drupal hosting

Pantheon Hosts over 100000 websites over the Globe, they started in 2010 and they have a staff of over 100 people.

Let me recall Project Mercury which was a high-performance amazon server for running Drupal, and later it becomes the foundation of Pantheon.

Features of Pantheon

  1. New Relic APM Pro
  2. Platform Security
  3. Full-Text Search
  4. Application Caching
  5. Multi-Zone Availability
  6. Integrated Version Control
  7. Training and Enablement
  8. Multidev Cloud Environments
  9. Deployment Pipeline
  10. Local dev
  11. Command-Line Integration
  12. Developer Dashboard
  13. Build Tools
  14. Central Dashboard
  15. Managed Updates
  16. Automated Backups
  17. Role-Based Access Control
  18. Secure Integration
  19. Advanced Global CDN
  20. Modern Compliance

Plans of Pantheon

Plans of Pantheon


It is the part of Liquid Web family now and it offers various plans which are starting from $29/month. I really like it the most just because it supports auto-scaling, which means you can start from the lower plane, and as your website traffic increases, you can scale the hosting to meet your requirement.

Nexcess drupal hosting

From their client portal, you can manage your website and your server, and also you can view deep analytics. Nexcess also offers features like managing your websites through the command lines.

Features of Nexcess

  1. 24/7/365 call and email support.
  2. Auto Service restarts when things are stopped.
  3. Popular development tools include Git, SFTP, Composter, and SSH.
  4. Client Portal
  5. 1-Click Install
  6. Free Migration
  7. Drush Enabled

Pricing of Nexcess Drupal Hosting

Pricing of Nexcess Drupal Hosting

If your site is hosted somewhere else then Nexcess can help you to transfer it for free.

Acquia Cloud Platform

Acquia Cloud Platform

Acquia is founded by Dries Buytaert, the creator of Drupal. Acquia is the biggest name in Drupal and they have grown like wildfire. Their customer support staff is over 50 people. Acquia is usually enterprises’ turn for their Drupal Hosting.

They developed a great piece of software which is called Acquia Dev Desktop. It allows you to work on your Drupal website on your local computer but with Drush. Then you will be able to easily deploy and sync your sites from the Dev Desktop directly to any Acquia Cloud Dev, staging, or live production sites.

Features of Acquia

  1. Low Code Site Building
  2. Modern Cloud Backbone
  3. HIPAA, SOC 1, FISMA, FEDRamp Compliant
  4. Built-in Global CDN
  5. Built-in Continuous Integration (CI/CD)
  6. Guaranteed Launch Success
  7. Guaranteed Uptime SLA
  8. Drupal Core Updates
  9. Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  10. Expert Drupal Support
  11. 24/7 Phone Support

Pricing of Acquia

Plans of Acquia Cloud Platform start from $141/month.

Non-Drupal Specific VPS/Dedicated hosting

Liquid Web

Liquid Web

Their customer support is awesome and you can simply trust them. They have been in this business for over 15 years and they have over 400 staff members, so they are something huge business.

They offer a VPS and grow to multiple dedicated hosting plans with load balancers.

They also offer Cloud servers. So there is no matter what your requirements are they can help you to get set up and run your Drupal websites.

Features of Liquidweb

  1. Gigabit Transfer
  2. Unlimited Sites
  3. Dedicated IP Address
  4. Cloudflare CDN
  5. Server Secure Advanced Security
  6. Integrated Firewall
  7. Local Backups
  8. DDoS Attack Protection
  9. cPanel/WHM or Plesk Onyx Available
  10. Root Access
  11. Easy Scalability (upgrade or downgrade)
  12. 100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs

Pricing of Liquidweb

Pricing of Liquidweb

Linux Plans of LiquidWeb


InMotion Hosting

Their VPSs have much better uptime. I have never had to contact their support, their simple and awesome server works better. Their pricing is also great and their services as well. InMotion is also a very large company that’s been in business for over 14 years, and their employee number is 500+.

They also offer recommendations and solutions for Drupal.

Features of InMotion Hosting

  1. Easy Google Apps Integration
  2. One-Click Installs of 400+ Applications
  3. Free No-Downtime Website Migration
  4. Free Website Builder
  5. WP-CLI Enabled
  6. Money-Back Guarantee
  7. Free SSD Storage
  8. PHP 7 Supported (up to 3x faster load times)
  9. Max Speed Zones
  10. Easy Control Panel
  11. Powered by UltraStack
  12. Spam Experts
  13. Safe Application Roll-Back
  14. Backup Manager Available
  15. SSH Access
  16. Free SSL Certificate
  17. 24/7/365 U.S.-Based Support
  18. Hack & Malware Protection

Pricing of InMotion Hosting

Pricing of InMotion Hosting

Basic Requirements for Drupal Hosting

You can run Drupal on Windows and Linux-based servers, but Linux is the most utilized option and it’s usually cheaper than Windows to set up your site and run it.


  • Drupal 8: PHP 5.5.9 or higher
  • Drupal 7: PHP 5.2.5 or higher


  • Drupal 8: MySQL 5.5 or higher
  • Drupal 7: MySQL 5.0.15 or higher
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