Thrive Architect Vs Elementor: As we all know both Thrive Architect and Elementor are the most popular WordPress website and page builder plugins.

Let me be honest, I have used Thrive Architect for quite a long time and I really love this plugin. But I have also known about the Elementor and it looked nice too for use. In fact, it had almost every feature similar to Thrive Architect. So I have tried Elementor too and I have seen that Elementor also being very similar to Thrive Architect and almost to its visual interface which looks easy to use after using Thrive Architect.

Almost dozens of page builders are available for WordPress but only two of them truly provide a distraction-free feature, experience with zero tech skills and imagination are Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect.

They are the same? No, Not at all. While building your pages with both of them you will feel like flying in first class, the purposes of these editors are different.

Thrive Architect Vs Elementor

Let me help you to find out the right one for your goals.

Comparison of Pricing Between Elementor and Thrive Architect

As we all know Elementor has a free version also so we are comparing the prices of Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect.

For better comparison with Thrive Architect, we have taken Elementor Pro because it has more and better features than the free version of Elementor.

Thrive Architect Vs Elementor

After looking above, Elementor Pro seems to be a cheaper option but there is just one important difference between both are: Thrive Architect offers lifetime unlimited updates but Elementor Pro doesn’t do the same which makes a major difference.

So if you can’t install the important updates for any plugin then it can stop being compatible with the other plugins used by you and also for your WordPress.

Also if you want updates from Elementor after the subscription period you need to purchase it again. And for Thrive Architect, you only have to purchase it once and you will get regular updates for a lifetime and you can build your websites with it as long as you want.

Comparison of Features Between Elementor and Thrive Architect

General Features Thrive Architect Elementor Pro
Pre-Sales Support Yes Yes
Customer Support Yes Yes
One-time fee Yes No
Free/Demo Version No Yes
Demo Can Be Downloaded Directly From WordPress No Yes
Edit In Mobile Responsive View Yes Yes
See Number and Location of Currently Active Installs No Yes
WordPress Plugin Dashboard Yes Yes
Knowledge Base and Tutorials Yes Yes
Live, Front-End Editing Yes Yes
Drag and Drop Editing​​​​​ Yes Yes
Works on Non-WordPress Websites No No
Compatible with Any Official WordPress Theme Yes Yes
Landing Pages Yes Yes
Landing Page Template Library Yes Yes
Pre-designed content templates No Yes
Save templates Yes Yes
Easy Switch to Preview Mode Yes Yes
Easy Search Among Elements Yes Yes
Hideable Sidebar Menu Yes Yes
Edit built content with the backend WordPress Editor No No
Color picker Yes Yes
Custom margins and paddings Yes Yes
Custom Column Width Yes Yes
Inline text editing Yes Yes
Custom element border Yes Yes
Elements hierarchy Yes No
Click to Add Elements Yes No
TypeFocus / Text Animation Yes Yes
Remove elements with a Delete button No No
Save custom colors Yes No
Color gradient Yes Yes
Background section overlay​ Yes No
Editing with hidden sidebar Yes No
EMS API integrations 23 1 (Mailchimp)
Other plugins within the brand Yes No

Almost all features that can be found are the same but there are some little differences which are given below:

Elementor offers a free version so that you can try some basic features of the plugin with limited access and also you can use the free version as long as you want. But Thrive Architect gives you 30 days risk-free after your purchase.

The Elementor landing page templates can be used as page content templates which is responsive when you will build an about page or a homepage. In thrive architect, this feature is not released yet.

Thrive Architect is big on email marketing service which can most powerful to keep in touch with your business clients.

Thrive Architect offers API Integration for 23 email marketing providers but Elementor Pro only offers MailChimp API Integration for email marketing.

In Elementor, you need to install a separate plugin for email marketing service providers other than MailChimp if you want to integrate with others.

The Thrive Themes has more plugins other than Thrive Architect which include opt-in forms, limited campaigns, quizzes, images, and so on.

And if you have installed different plugins with the same brand then there is no-issue of compatibility to one another and they are 100% compatible with each other and no matter how much you will use they can’t create conflict with each other as other WordPress plugins do.

Comparison of Elements Between Elementor and Thrive Architect

General Features Thrive Architect Elementor Pro
Text element Yes Yes
Heading element Yes Yes
Animated Headline No No
Image No No
Image Carousel No Yes
Image Gallery No Yes
Alert Message-Button Yes Yes
Columns Yes Yes
Background Section Yes Yes
Content Box/Container Yes Yes
Content Template Yes Yes
Click to Tweet / Blockquote Yes Yes
Contact Form No Yes
Content Reveal Yes No
Countdown Yes Yes
Countdown Evergreen Yes No
Credit Card Icons Yes No
Custom HTML Yes Yes
Custom Menu Yes Yes
Disqus Comments Yes No
Divider Yes Yes
Facebook Comments Yes Yes
Facebook Page Like and Embed No Yes
Fill Counter Yes No
Flip Box No Yes
Google Maps Yes Yes
Icon Yes Yes
Icon Box No Yes
Image Box No Yes
Lead Generation Yes Yes
Menu-like Price List No Yes
Number Counter No Yes
Post Grid Yes Yes
Portfolio No Yes
Progress Bar Yes Yes
Slides Yes Yes
Social Icons No Yes
Social Share Yes No
SoundCloud No Yes
Spacer Element No Yes
Star Rating Yes No
Styled List / Icon List Yes Yes
Numbered List Yes No
Excel-style Table Yes No
Table of Contents Yes No
Tabs Yes Yes
Testimonial Yes Yes
Toggle Yes Yes
Video Yes Yes
WordPress Content Yes Yes
Integration with other plugins Yes No
WordPress Login No Yes
Shortcode Inserter Yes Yes
Menu Anchor Element No Yes
WordPress Sidebar No Yes

It’s very easy to find the biggest difference between the types of elements these visual editors offer. The most basic elements like text, image, columns, and buttons can be found in both plugins but other elements make clear that Thrive Architect and Elementor Pro can not be used for the same purposes.

Elementor offers many elements for portfolio and online presence like image gallery, portfolio, social media likes, and embed links.

On the other hand, Thrive Architect mainly focuses more on building a true conversion-optimized website. It is an ultimate tool for online marketing, especially for sales and lead generation.

You will also get elements like evergreen countdown timers for limited time offers, star rating and table product reviews, table of content, social share, and pricing table all these can help you in building conversion optimized pages faster and in an easier way.

Comparison of Landing Page Templates Between Elementor and Thrive Architect

Firstly you need to know about the landing page, a landing page is a page on your website which can convert your visitors into your subscribers, buyers, or fans with pre-designed templates which can help you better.

General Features Thrive Architect Elementor Pro
Coming Soon Page Yes Yes
Ecommerce Page No Yes
One Step Lead Generation Yes Yes
Two-Step Lead Generation Yes Yes
Confirmation Page Yes No
Download Page Yes No
Thank You Page Yes No
Login Page No Yes
Course Page Yes No
Contact Page No Yes
Homepage Yes Yes
One Page Website No Yes
Product Launch Yes No
Product Review Yes No
Sales Page Yes Yes
Service Page No Yes
Video Page Yes No
Webinar Page Yes No
About Page No Yes

In both plugins, there is a wide range of templates but they all are slightly different from each other.

Thrive Architect provides a pre-designed template for every step for your sales funnel who visited first to your website will become your satisfied client. The primary goal of the template is to increase your conversion rate.

But Elementor offers less conversion-focused templates than Thrive Architect.

In thrive Architect, you can convert any of your pages in a conversion-optimized landing page without leaving your front-end editor and your page automatically turns into the correct size but in Elementor, you need to go back to the WordPress backend editor and change your page template to Elementor Canvas to build your landing page.

Comparison of Flexibility Between Elementor and Thrive Architect

The flexibility of Thrive Architect

In Thrive Architect, there are no surprises like what you see is what you get. When you start editing an element, there are no windows opening on the top of each other. You can save every setting and change in the sidebar menu.

You can customize every element with sliders, by applying the exact color, shape, size, font, space, and width of the columns.

The flexibility of Elementor Pro

Similarly, Elementor Pro has the same editing happening in the sidebar menu which makes sure you can’t be distracted while you are editing. Text can be edited inline or in the sidebar menu and also in the WordPress text editor. But you can’t select only a piece of text to modify it.

Now, you have learned about which one has what features and which one is better than another.


Are you afraid about which one to choose or which one not to choose?

See the Final Conclusion about both after that you can get to know which one you should choose and which one is better for you.

Elementor Pro

There is no doubt in building beautifully designed and customizable pages for your WordPress website with Elementor Pro. Most of the changes can be applied within seconds.

If you will work more then you can build anything you want on your landing page and the main focus of page templates and elements is online presence and building a profile for yourself or for your business.

And if this is your main goal then you can get your clients and leads easily and you can choose Elementor Pro.

Thrive Architect

Similarly, there is no doubt in Thrive Architect which is made for successful marketing, the elements and templates are well-designed. With this, you can make sure your pages will be more conversion optimized and focused to convert your visitors into your subscribers.

The main goal of Thrive Architect with all the elements and landing page templates is to help entrepreneurs and businesses to build a website that can convert more visitors into leads, clients, and customers.

And if your goal is to get engagement and more clients then Thrive Architect is the right tool for your business.

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