Magento Hosting Providers: Are you looking for the best hosting provider for your Magento Website? Here we will help you to choose a better hosting service provider for your store by going into deep the features, pros, cons, support, and pricing.

Magento Hosting Providers

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Before starting our review of all hostings for Magento we want to explain what is Magento.

What is Magento?

Basically, Magento is an eCommerce store building platform. Currently, this platform powers the websites of giants like Nike, Ford, and Coca-Cola.

There is one advantage of Magento that is insanely flexible and scalable. You can start with a small store and build it into a billion-dollar business without changing your platforms.

Do you know if you are running a Magento store with poor hosting is something like having a new Lambo with an old engine?

Unfortunately, for all its features Magento is a resource. That’s the reality of things. Only a top-level hosting provider will make this platform work better for your business.

In these below reviews, you can find out the info about the best hostings for Magento. Keep reading.

Scala Hosting

Scala is a US Hosting provider which expanded in Europe. Let’s see how Magento works with its plans.

Scala Hosting

Performance of Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting runs a robust setup and its server is LiteSpeed webserver which is combined with three levels of caching, optimization extension for speed, and a CDN which gives you very fast speed than standard LAMP stack setup.

Scala Hosting provides automated Magento Updates but sometimes things are broken during the updates. So you should not opt-in for automatic updates.

In this hosting SEO tools are included for free so you can go on search engines without any issue and you can optimize your store for search results.

Scala takes daily backups of their hosted websites. It saves your backups for the week.

Customer Support of Scala Hosting

Their support can help you any time and is available 24/7 do you know they are replying to your questions within a few minutes each time. Their knowledge base is very limited with no practical solution. You can get all your questions directly from their support. 

Pricing of Scala Hosting

Scala offers three tiers of shared Magento hosting plans:

Pricing of Scala Hosting

Features of Scala Hosting

Here are the basic features you will get in this hosting from the smaller package:

  1. 50GB Storage
  2. 1x CPU Power
  3. Free Migration
  4. Shared environment
  5. Free Domain
  6. Free SSL
  7. Free CDN
  8. SSD Powered Servers
  9. Unlimited Emails
  10. Unlimited Databases
  11. Unlimited Bandwidth
  12. 7 Backups for the last 7 days

Pros of Scala Hosting

  • Easy scaling
  • Affordable overall
  • Range of in-house solutions
  • Excellent support
  • SEO tools included
  • Daily backups
  • Pure SSD storage

Cons of Scala Hosting

  • Slim knowledge base


This hosting provides more high-end solutions. It has been with Magento in the starting days of this hosting.


Performance of Nexcess

They offer better and almost best server configuration. Their security is also extra tight and everything setup was done only for providing fast Magento Hosting.
You can also choose from a host of useful services for your store. Nexcess helps you to make your store PCI-compliant, which decreases some of your store loads.
You will also get a few custom modules, like Magento Sentry. It enables two-factor authentication for your admin panel which enables an extra security layer for your store.

Customer Support of Nexcess

Their support is top-of-the-line. Their support agents are incredibly knowledgeable about Magento even they also provide Managed Magento Hosting. Which means they are many experts in Magento.

They offer a dedicated Magento support team. With an average host, you have to contact an agent and then routed to a Magento expert. But with Nexcess, you are getting to talk to a Magento Professional directly, there no gap to you for talking to the expert.

Pricing of Nexcess Hosting

Their starting plan from $49/Month to $849/month. Pricing differs in the features and number of domains you want to host.

In the $49/Month plan, you will get the below features:
● Concurrent Users: 20
● Disk Space: 50 GB
● Domains: 10
● Bandwidth: 1 TB

In the $99/Month plan, you will get the below features:
● Concurrent Users: 40
● Disk Space: 75 GB
● Domains: 15
● Bandwidth: 2 TB

In the $179/Month plan, you will get the below features:
● Concurrent Users: 60
● Disk Space: 125 GB
● Domains: 20
● Bandwidth: 3 TB

In the $299/Month plan, you will get the below features:
● Concurrent Users: 80
● Disk Space: 400 GB
● Domains: 30
● Bandwidth: 5 TB
● VCPU: 20
● RAM: 20GB

In the $549/Month plan, you will get the below features:
● Concurrent Users: 100
● Disk Space: 600 GB
● Secondary Domains: 40
● Bandwidth: 8 TB
● VCPU: 26
● RAM: 26GB

In the $849/Month plan, you will get the below features:
● Concurrent Users: 120
● Disk Space: 800 GB
● Secondary Domains: 50
● Bandwidth: 10 TB
● VCPU: 32
● RAM: 32GB

Features of Nexcess Hosting

Basic features you will get all their plans are:

  1. Nightly Backups
  2. PCI-Compliant Hosting
  3. Proactive Security
  4. PWA-Ready
  5. 24/7/365 Support (Phone, Chat, & Email)
  6. Nexcess CDN

Pros of Nexcess Hosting

  • Robust plans
  • Lots of custom features
  • Experienced support
  • Free credits
  • Great knowledge base
  • SSD storage
  • Auto-scaling

Cons of Nexcess Hosting

  • Costly compared to a few other options


Cloudways specializes in Managed CMS hosting with extremely fast servers. It has a good reputation for hosting CMSs like WordPress and Magento.


Performance of Cloudways

If you will getting Magento hosting with AWS is better than anything. However, cloud hosting requires knowledge of configuration and maintaining the server. Combining this there is the complexity of Magento as well.
Cloudways has a solution for you. Do you know you can use this hosting which offers cloud computing services like AWS while it manages the server for you? You will get the advantages of the Cloud with the security of cloud services.

Customer Support of Cloudways

Their customer support quality is very respectable. Cloudways seems to have at least customer support to Pakistan and Malta to reduce expenses.
Their support agents are much-skilled communicators and they know their way around hosting. Cloudways prefers offering quality customer service.

Pricing of Cloudways

Pricing of Cloudways

Features of Cloudways

Their basic features available in all plans are given below:

  1. 24/7/365 Live Chat
  2. Online Ticketing
  3. Enhanced SLAs
  4. Server Customization and Configuration
  5. Phone Access
  6. Application-level Issues
  7. Proactive Application Monitoring
  8. Close Partnership
  9. Private Slack Channel
  10. Fast Ticket Response Times

Pros of Cloudways

  • Free trial
  • Near-infinite scalability
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Excellent for traffic spikes
  • Decent support
  • Magento-ready setup

Cons of Cloudways

  • No email solutions
  • Somewhat slow frontline support

Krystal Hosting

Krystal Hosting is an independent hosting provider in the UK. They are honest, transparent, and environment friendly.

Krystal Hosting

Performance of Krystal Hosting

Krystal Hosting provides the basics of Magento hosting with very fast server configuration, speed optimization tools and high security.
They offer backups six times a day which is very useful for any only store. It also provides PCI-Compliance. The open source of Magento is not PCI-compliant by default, which means you need to select a paid version of Magento for this.

Customer Support of Krystal Hosting

If you opt-out of Magento-Optimized plans then you will get 24/7 anytime phone support and live chat support is only available for business hours.
Their support is good. Krystal hosting maintains its support team.

Pricing of Krystal Hosting

Pricing of Krystal Hosting

Features of Krystal Hosting

Basic features you will get with this hosting are:

  1. The fully optimized hosting platform
  2. 100% SSDs for ultimate performance
  3. Caching for increased performance
  4. Award-winning in-house support (we’re 100% UK based)
  5. Enterprise-grade hardware
  6. Unlimited bandwidth
  7. Regular security/malware scans
  8. Provide regular data backups
  9. Never overload servers
  10. Fast network and secure datacentre
  11. 60-day money-back guarantee

Pros of Krystal Hosting

  • Excellent security
  • Fantastic in-house support
  • Perfect for UK users
  • Transparent and proud of it
  • PCI-compliant
  • SSD storage
  • Backups every four hours
  • A free domain name for life

Cons of Krystal Hosting

  • Only one data center

Liquid Web-Magento Hosting Providers

Liquid web is in the business of web hosting for a long time. Liquid Web states it has the best loyalty for its customers in the industry. It also claims that they have the fastest managed VPS.

Liquid Web

Performance of Liquid Web

Liquid Web provides a high-end hosting provider. That means it only offers VPS, Dedicated, and cloud hosting-no shared hosting plans. And believe me for the Magento store you have to select VPS Hosting for fastest and security.
Liquid Web has also affordable dedicated servers. You can use as much space you want and scale your Magento Store and grow your store.

Customer Support of Liquid Web

They guarantee fast support. It claims the support will answer the phone and live chat queries within 59 seconds. Their email support reply time is 59 minutes.

Pricing of Liquid Web

Pricing of Liquid Web

Features of Liquid Web

Basic features you will get in all their plans are:

  1. Gigabit Transfer
  2. Unlimited Sites
  3. Dedicated IP Address
  4. Cloudflare CDN
  5. Server Secure Advanced Security
  6. Integrated Firewall
  7. Local Backups
  8. DDoS Attack Protection
  9. cPanel/WHM or Plesk Onyx Available
  10. Root Access
  11. Easy Scalability (upgrade or downgrade)
  12. 100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs

Pros of Liquid Web

  • Solid feature offer
  • Effective support
  • Handy add-on services
  • Powerful servers
  • PCI-compliance scanning
  • Free backups
  • SSD storage

Cons of Liquid Web

  • No Money-back guarantee
  • No beginner-friendly

SiteGround -Magento Hosting Providers

In the case of an online store and if you want to host your online hosting with a fast server then Siteground is the best choice for you. 

According to all manner of testing, this hosting praise is well-earned.

Performance of SiteGround 

SiteGround has a 1-click install for Magento. Although the shared hosting plans for Magento have the same price and same features as regular shared hosting, even they offer more than this. 

Their performance and security are better than others. Combining this their server speed optimization, proactive server monitoring, and custom security also very reliable. 

Customer Support of SiteGround

They invest more than anything in support. Their support team is much better than others. Their knowledge base has many tutorials on setting up Magento, you can even perform basic tasks from the tutorial as well. It’s very useful for first-time users. 

Their support available 24/7 and they are much knowledgeable in every CMSs. 

Pricing of SiteGround

Pricing of SiteGround

Features of SiteGround

  1. Ultra-fast Sites
  2. Top-notch Security
  3. Easy Site Management
  4. Domain Management
  5. Reliable Email Service
  6. Host multiple sites
  7. Dynamic caching
  8. Easy staging tool
  9. Add Collaborators
  10. The highest tier of resources
  11. Advanced priority support
  12. Easy Git integration 

Pros of SiteGround

  • Affordable starting point 
  • Expert configuration
  • Top-notch support
  • SSD storage
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Daily backups
  • Great value 

Cons of SiteGround

  • Limited starter plan 
  • 785MB PHP memory cap 


This hosting is well known for speed. It starts working for private clients in the last some years and it’s working awesomely nice. 


Performance of FastComet

FastComet gives you all the information just after purchasing via email. They offer optimized Magento Plans. Most users get the best results from the largest FastComet plan. It offers a large number of resources- 6 CPU cores and 6 GB RAM can give you decent speed and smooth running Magento.
FastComet also has its data centers in 10 locations which means it is suitable for your international stores.
Apart from this, you will get tight security, theme and plugin installation services, and server monitoring for free of cost.

Customer Support of FastComet

Their top-notch support provides a response time of a 10-minute guarantee for VPS and dedicated plans, but the shared hosting users tend to get responses quickly.

Pricing of FastComet

Pricing of FastComet

Features of FastComet

  1. Free Domain Transfer
  2. SSD-Only Cloud
  3. Free Cloudflare CDN
  4. Powered by cPanel
  5. Daily and Weekly Backups
  6. Free 24/7 Priority Support
  7. Free Managed Migrations
  8. 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee

Pros of FastComet

  • Affordable
  • Extensive offer
  • Helpful support and add-on services

Cons of FastComet

  • Some plans are limited


Sonassi is a hosting company that specializes in eCommerce hosting. This company started out building Magento stores, before fully switching to hosting services— their staff has the real Magento experience.


Performance of Sonassi

Sonassi uses lomart’s data centers, which means your audience can access your website from 25 different locations which avoids latency issues.

Sonassi also created an operating system which is called MageStack. This solution is specialized for Magento 2 hosting. Its basic purpose is to boost the overall performance of Magento.

Sonassi software engineers pointed to making Magento fast as a whole get better results than going for caching.

Customer Support of Sonassi

Sonassi offers three levels of support, one is free and two of which are paid.
Server monitoring only comes with the paid tiers. You can also pay for emergency developer support. This service is very useful, but it can’t replace regular developer maintenance.
Their support team is awesome. Their staff are experts in Magento hosting and they will keep everything running smoothly for you.

Pricing of Sonassi

Their basic pricing starts from $310/month.

Features of Sonassi

  1. High availability as Standard
  2. A dynamic and global delivery network
  3. Advanced Magento caching support
  4. Powerful forensic tools for core reporting
  5. Guaranteed Speed
  6. Insta-Scale
  7. Costs controlled
  8. £50,000 warranty against any unavoidable breaches
  9. Security through Omnipotence

Pros of Sonassi

  • OS Optimized for Magento
  • Top-of-the-line features
  • Tremendous technical team
  • Easy horizontal scaling
  • Dev services available
  • Offsite backups
  • Root access
  • PCI-compliant
  • SSD storage

Cons of Sonassi

  • Pricy
  • Charges a setup fee if you pay month-to-month


Hostinger is one of the individual fastest-growing hosting providers. Its best thing is it is reliable hosting at very low prices.

Hostinger Hosting

Performance of Hostinger

Basically Hostinger’s cloud plans are optimized for Magento. They are managed, which means the provider takes care of handling the server stack and all the basic softwares, similarly to shared hosting.
Their plans run on CloudLinux OS, which can boost reliability and security. Their LiteSpeed web server with custom-configured caching makes the platform faster than your normal Magento Hosting.

Customer Support of Hostinger

Hostinger’s customer support team is very clunky. Their chat is buggy, and there is no dedicated phone line. This is annoying, and a company as Hostinger should find out some solution for this.
But, their support team performs decently. Their tech team can handle most of the hosting-related issues but their frontline agents are not actually Magento Professionals.

Pricing of Hostinger

Pricing of Hostinger

Features of Hostinger

  1. 100 Websites
  2. 100 Email Accounts
  3. Unlimited Monthly Visitors
  4. 2X Allocated Resources
  5. Free SSL Certificate (₹885/lifetime value)
  6. Free Domain (₹1,089/yr value)
  7. LiteSpeed Cache
  8. WordPress Acceleration (LSCWP)
  9. Cloudflare Protected Nameservers
  10. Github Integration
  11. 24/7/365 Support
  12. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  13. DNS Management
  14. Access Manager
  15. Unlimited MySQL Databases
  16. 100 Subdomains
  17. Unlimited FTP Accounts
  18. Unlimited Cron Jobs
  19. SSH Access
  20. Weekly Backups

Pros of Hostinger

  • Very affordable
  • Generous resource allocation for the price
  • Robust speed optimization
  • Decent support
  • Optimized server stack
  • Free control panel
  • SSD storage
  • User-friendly interface

Cons of Hostinger

  • Clunky support center design
  • Requires a four-year commitment for the best price

A2 Hosting

It is an independent hosting provider. It is not the largest host but it attracts customers with their fast and reliable server for PHP-based CMSs like Magento.

A2 Hosting

Performance of A2 Hosting

This provider runs servers configured for PHP-based CMSs. This leads to impressive load times and better performance under heavy traffic.
Their servers runs on LiteSpeed server, which has a speed advantage over Apache and Nginx. They also offer speed optimization tools that means you can also manually optimize your speed of store.
LiteMage Cache is the biggest feature. Its server caching system and a Magento plugin which is configured to work better with the LiteSpeed web server.
Their plans can let you access 2-4 CPU and 2-4 GB RAM which is best for your store to run smoothly.

Customer Support of A2 Hosting

Their customer support agents are much better at giving instant replies and knowledgeable agents. A2 Hosting’s support works excellently. You can contact them via live chat anytime, toll-free phone line and email support are also available.
Their knowledge base is also excellent. There is a good number of tutorials available which are dedicated to various issues of Magento Hosting which includes configuring the caching systems and managing the CMS extensions.

Pricing of A2 Hosting

Pricing of A2 Hosting

Features of A2 Hosting

  1. Unlimited SSD Space & Transfer
  2. Free & Easy Site Migration
  3. Free Automatic Backups
  4. Easy Money Back Guarantee
  5. 99.9% Uptime Commitment
  6. 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support
  7. Free SSL Certificate

Pros of A2 Hosting

  • Blazing-fast servers
  • SSD storage
  • Lots of speed optimization features
  • Generous resource allocation
  • Daily backups
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Superb support
  • Prorated refunds

Cons of A2 Hosting

  • “Unlimited” resources
  • Only two shared plans work for Magento
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