To be honest, Mailchimp is one of the versatile email marketing platforms. But different people like to use different platforms for different use-cases. I am listing the best email marketing alternatives to Mailchimp.

  1. Sendy – I have been using Sendy for around 2016. This is perfect if you already have a pre-verified and double opt-in email list. I recommend you use this especially for sending newsletters. Sendy is a standalone app that can work with almost any SMTP server. The most recommended way of using sendy is to integrate it with Amazon SES. It just costs $0.0001 per email sent. I see a 90% inbox rate with detailed analytics of how my subscribers are performing.
  2. Sendfox – Sendfox is a versatile app from Appsumo house. They don’t sell it as SAAS for now. They sell it as a Lifetime Deal. You can outreach a highly filtered email list through Sendfox. They have a good inbox rate.
  3. Getgist – It is an email marketing automation platform. You can highly customize your email campaigns basis your subscriber behavior on your already sent email, or on your website, landing page, etc. More than email marketing, they offer lead management, chatbot sequences, etc. They have their free tier program available. You can try it out.
  4. Sendgrid – I have used Sendgrid for one of my clients. And it worked like a charm. They have 90% + inbox rate.

I hope this list helps you decide which Mailchimp alternative you would like to go with. If you know more about such email marketing platforms that are good alternatives to Mailchimp and aren’t listed here in this post, do let me know in the comments.

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