Long Tail Pro Review: If you are searching for the best keyword research tool to grow your business online then I assume that you already know the basics of how to do keyword research and the importance of doing keyword research. Searching for the best list of keywords that have low competition and a high amount of searches isn’t difficult if you have chosen the right tool to find the keywords.

So today we will be investigating this tool: Long Tail Pro keyword research tool. How effective is it to find the best suitable keyword for your niche? What’s different about it? How effective is it to automate your keyword Research? We will also do a comparison between LongTail Pro and other specialized keyword research tools in terms of their features and functionality.

But first, let me tell you more about me. And why I am making bold statements about Long Tail Pro Review.

I am in the blogging field for 3 years now and have learned everything by experimenting with my blogs. I have used many keyword research tools in the first year of my blogging journey and became constant with Long Tail Pro for 2 years now and will continue to do so. Keyword Research is the beginning, if you are doing SEO for your article and targeting the right keyword can be game-changing for your blog. So keywords must be chosen wisely.

Long Tail Pro Review

Before going deep into the investigation of Long Tail Pro first we need to know what is Long Tail Pro

What is LongTail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a compelling keyword research tool that assists the user to choose a Longtail Keyword. It generates a list of thousands of possible long-tail keywords within minutes from a single root keyword or multiple root keyword. It started as an adobe air based application and now it is available as a cloud-based application online.

It fetches the data from the google keyword tool to pull all the keyword data related to a specific set of keywords that users wish to analyze. With a root keyword, you can generate a huge list of all the relevant keywords along with their monthly search volume, Cost Per Click, competition level with advertiser & Long tail keywords. The metrics for long-tail keywords are only available for platinum users.

So Long Tail pro allows generating a huge list of all possible long-tail keywords from a single root keyword or multiple seed keyword, quickly, effectively, and efficiently. With this list of keywords, you can analyze each on the basis of their search volume, CPC, and competition level and select a small list of keywords that are good to include in your content or Pay Per Click Campaign.

Unique Feature: The keyword competition metric of Long Tail Pro is a unique and best feature which decides the difficulty level of the keyword.

How keyword competition metric calculated? 

So let’s go in deep about how and on what basis it analyses the keywords. Long Tail Pro inspects the first 10 display searches of the root keyword and applies its calculations with the metrics like Page Link, Domain Authority, Page Rank, Site Age, Moz rank, Juicing Page, URL, and Title. After calculation, it displays the competitiveness of the keyword ranking from 0-100. The keyword at the first position is the easiest to rank while the one at the last is the highly competitive keyword.

Good competition score: If you have a new website, it’s good to target keywords with competition scores less than 25 and up to 40 for the already established site.

Is it the only tool with Keyword competition Metric?

So as I have mentioned earlier that the unique feature of Long tail Pro is Keyword Competition Metrics but Long tail pro is not the only keyword research tool that has its own competition metrics. Moz had developed its own competition metric which is named “keyword difficulty”. It’s a percentage-based metric as it measures the competitiveness of the keyword in %, the higher the percentage – the more it is difficult to rank for.

If we compare both the tools Moz and Long Tail pro on basis of keyword competition metrics, as per my experience I’d say Long Tail Pro is a much more reliable comparison to Moz. However, we can’t review the keyword research tool on the basis of competition metrics only. To give an objective review I will dig deeper into the usability of this tool.

So Long tail pro can be categorized into 3 core categories:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Rank Checker
  3. Competitor analysis

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Feature:

As we have already discussed a glimpse of how this keyword research feature of Long tail pro works. You just need to add one or more seed keywords and click on generate results. It will showcase all the possible long-tail keywords related to the seed keyword. But there is much more than this in Long tail Pro. They are other different advanced features that you can use, such as importing a list of seed keywords from an external source. Also, you can filter the results on basis of no. of words in a query, cost per click & no. of searches.

Once you have clicked the generate button, Long Tail Pro usually takes 1-3 minutes to load the result with the list of keywords. The result loading speed depends upon the type of the seed keyword you have entered and the scale of the result list. After the resulting load-up, it displays a nicely laid-out version of Google Keyword Planner. The difference between the two is that you need a monthly subscription to Long tail Pro to calculate the competitive metrics of each keyword.

To conclude this feature of Long Tail Pro: a nicely laid sorted design with the ability to delete irrelevant keywords and add relevant keywords to your favourite tab, these feature a similar to that of google keyword planner. So here I don’t see any huge advantage of spending $$$ on Long Tail pro monthly subscription.

However, Long Tail pro offers a unique feature as ‘keyword competitor’ metric and this is the biggest advantage of using long tail pro but as it is not available for all the users of Long Tail Pro. I will rate this feature 5 out of 10.

Personal rating: 5/10 

Long Tail Pro Competitor Analysis Feature:

Competitor analysis of long tail pro is for sure a better feature to count on. It allows you to analyse the first ten results on google with that individual keyword. LTP calculates the competitiveness of the keyword by analysing the results on the basis of  9 data points:

  • PA ( Page Authority)
  • PL ( Page Links)
  • DA ( Domain Authority )
  • Moz Rank
  • Site Age
  • PR ( Page Rank )
  • Juicing Page
  • URL
  • Title

Above data points are very important and useful in considering the competitiveness of the keyword. Long Tail Pro uses these feature to analyse and the results are laid out in a table structure which is easy to understand by a user.

Considering only this feature isn’t unique as there are many others keyword research tools offering the same. But, if you have purchased the monthly subscription you can gain the benefits of keyword competition metric for the keyword you are analysing.

For this tool to be of any significant the competitor analysis tool must have keyword competition metric. Without the keyword competition metrics, the competitor analysis metrics is not simply useful enough. Though its time saving but keyword competition metrics makes it much easier.

Personal Rating: 6/10

Now let’s discuss the last feature of Long Tail Pro which is the Rank Checker. For the people who have the understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) must be familiar with this term. Having a tool which can check the ranking’s on the website with a targeted keyword and that too on daily basis is pivotal. Well, Long Tail will take care of this feature.

Long Tail Pro Rank Checker Feature:

If you guys are familiar with rank checking tools or used one before. You must be clear that there are several other rank checking tools available in the market. So what makes Long Tail pro special in this feature? The rank checking feature of long tail pro is inbuilt which makes it handy to use.

You can simply add the keyword and the domain URL and set the country you wish to target. Click on check rank to see the results. Long Tail Pro will compile the results on the basis of your preferences and you will see the position number on google, yahoo and bing.

So basically it’s a very simple feature and is an important and useful one. So simple addition of this feature in long tail pro is a good offering. It obviously good to have one tool which provides you with the features of many other marketing tools.

Personal rating: 8/10 

So far we have discussed the 3 core categories or I should better say core features of Long tail Pro. I have mentioned all that I have examined with my experience and I hope my personal ratings to these features will be help for you to understand the Long Tail pro features. So what mostly we have discussed is the good part of Long Tail Pro. But I would like to share some of the issues I faced while using a Long tail pro to make the picture clear of how it is.

Long Tail Pro Issues:

Well! I might go blunt here sharing my experience. I have been using Long Tail pro from two years now and I haven’t seen any update that actually had any changes to its functionality or interface. Also, the biggest problem I experience is it’s the inability to consistently bring back the data. And this happens to me frequently and I haven’t found any solution to this problem.

Though I had a back to back email conversation with the long tail pro team but still I face the similar issue. When I create a new campaign and try to use the pre-establishes dataset with the new seed keyword, the keyword analysis feature pop up with a load box but nothing happens, it just keeps on loading.

This is the biggest problem I face in using Long Tail Pro and to be very honest, this is really frustrating for me sometimes. To be honest, there is no other problem there in using Long Tail pro. Though there are some features which can be added to Long Tail pro but I won’t be discussing them here.

Well! there are many things in life which aren’t perfect actually nobody and nothing is perfect. But for sure Long Tail Pro is the best tool for doing keyword research

So far I have discussed the main features of Long tail pro and the issues I have experienced. Now I will discuss who is the intended user of Long Til pro and I will tell you if its a go for you or the bad in giving it a chance.

Who should purchase the Long Tail Pro?

If you have an established website and searching for the content keywords ideas to drive more traffic to your website then definitely you can give a try to long tail pro as it will provide you with the keywords to work on and rank the website on those keywords.

If you don’t have a website but still murmuring the idea and planning to create one. Why don’t you try entering some seed keywords and see what it give you.

If you are not sure where to start with, think about the topics that interest you and the things that you are passionate about, products and news you recently interacted with. Collect some seed keywords from them and click go. Might be you get the right idea to work on.

In case you are an advertiser, Long tail pro can really be helpful for you to collect all the dataset of the keywords together so that you can put a bid on the right keywords.

So basically if you are spending a significant amount for doing keyword research using Google Keyword Planner, or if you haven’t started using one. I will suggest you go with Long Tail Pro.

Pricing : 

Long Tail Pro offers plans for 3 categories:

  1. Starter Plan: In this, you can search for 10,000 keywords per month.
    Monthly subscription is of $37 per month
    Yearly subscription will cost cheaper as $25 per month
  2.  Pro Plan:  With this, you can search for 25,000 keywords per month
    Monthly subscription is of $67 per month
    Yearly subscription will cost cheaper as $45 per month
  3.  Agency Plan: With this, you can search up to 60,000 keywords per month
    Monthly subscription is of $147 per month
    Yearly subscription will cost cheaper as $98 per month

The trial version of all 3 plans costs only $1 for 7 days. I will suggest you opt for trial version first, as it is cheap and you can yourself judge how effective it is.

After dicussing alot about Long Tail pro and its features, Here I am summing up all its pro’s and con’s to make you learn about it.

Pros and Con’s of Long Tail Pro:

Long Tail Pro was rated as the best keyword research tool by the industry experts and is used by more than 1 Lac digital marketers all around the world. It’s very effective in finding the low competitive keyword in the most competitive niches. Also providing a detailed report of SEO metrics to analyze and filter the keywords to use. But just like any other thing it also have its flaws. So let’s have a look at the pro’s and con’s of using Long Tail Pro


  • Real-time filtration: It filters keywords and show results by no. of words, cost per click, local searches, keyword competitiveness and the level of advertiser competition.
  • Calculate keyword profitability: It uses the Rank Value feature to determine the keyword profitability
  • 10x faster than desktop version: The Long Tail pro cloud is much faster than the adobe air desktop version.
  • Keyword Competitiveness Metrics: As described earlier, this is the best feature of Long tail Pro.
  • Custom Targets: Long Tail Pro tool calculates keywords competitiveness you should target on the basis of your own domain metrics.
  • Majestic SEO data Integration
  • Exports Results: You can export the list of keywords, metrics data, google top 10 results etc.


  • Still needs more minutes to calculate in bulk for an extra large set of keywords.
  • The Rank Value metrics it shows isn’t definite.
  • It cannot easily segment results for individual root keywords.
  • There are few noticeable bugs in the cloud version in comparison to the desktop version.

Reviews by Industry experts:

“I’m a fan of Long Tail Pro! It’s a powerful keyword research tool that I’ve used and am very impressed. I definitely recommend Long Tail Pro. It’s a must-have tool for any SEO or Internet Marketer.”
Pat Flynn – SmartPassiveIncome.com

Alternatives to Long Tail Pro:

As I mentioned the prices earlier, the trial version of Long Tail Pro is cheap enough to give it a try and I think you should. In the trial period, your can test and judge the tool yourself.

Moving forward towards the alternatives, there are several other keyword research tool in the market and almost each of them comes with a trial version. So you can give a try to them as there is no tool which does everything.

  1. Moz 
    Moz offers a 30 days trial version after filling the credit card. Though it reminds you few days before the tril completes.
    Moz actually doesn’t work as a keyword research tool but you can pair it up with Long Tail pro or Google Keyword planner to find the competitiveness of the keyword, analyzing the top results and the competition websites. And doing this you can finally track down rankings of targeted keywords.
  2. SEM Rush
    Sem rush offers a 14days trial. The pro version is of $69.5 per month and then there is a guru and business plan which are very costly.
    Its a great tool for keyword analysis and competitor analysis but similar to Moz it doesn’t provide the list of additional keywords related to your seed keyword.
  3. Authority metrics
    This one is new in the keyword research tool market and is very similar to Long Tail pro. Created by some guys from No hat digital Authority Metrics is definitely worth looking at. They offer 30 days money-back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to review this keyword research tool.
  4. Google Keyword Planner
    Duuhh!! The list can be completed without a google keyword planner. It is the alpha & omega of keyword research tools. and it’s free to use But you must have an Adwords account to login into the Google keyword planner. It will show you results like the Average Monthly Searches, the competition level of the keyword(Med, High, Low), and the cost per click (bid) on the targeted keyword. But there is a small problem. A recent change in keyword planner range the monthly searches in 7 volume sizes  0–10, 10–100, 100–1000, 1000–10000, 10000–100k, 100k–1MM, and 1MM+. So we can see the huge swings in the min-max search volume and the accurate searches are available for only those who are high-paying ad buyers.

Though I am recommending the alternatives I am not using any of them. It sounds silly to me.

Well, I am using long Tail Pro, ahrefs, and SEMRush and sometimes I also use Google Keyword Planner. Actually, I use them all together, and combine their results to analyze the Search Engine Page Result to understand the overall marketplace.

So I think it’s time to wrap it up. I would conclude by saying that I really enjoy using Long tail pro and I am a big fan of its keyword competition metric. It helped me to filter the thousands of useless keywords and still do the same today. I think it’s the most affordable keyword research tool available in the markets with great features like keyword competition metrics, so I will recommend using a Long tail pro.

Though I will not recommend it purchasing without the Keyword competition metrics as I don’t find it simply amazing without keyword competition metrics and it wouldn’t benefit you much.


Keyword Research is the Blueprint of a succesful Search Engine Optimized Startegy.
Make your choices wisely.

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