Generating content is really a time taking job. That is why many website owners who don’t have enough time to create new content on regular basis prefer to use spin content. Publishing new content is really hectic if you are the only person handling a bunch of sites. But Is it good to use spinned content? Which content spinner tool you should trust on?

There are many questions which cover my mind when it comes to content. You might have heard this phrase “Content is King“. Yes its true. Content is the main part of the websites and whole online business starts with the quality of content. So it’s really hard to compromise in this sector.

Paying freelancers for the content writing stuff or hiring someone to write your daily content isn’t a pretty good idea always as sometimes it’s hard to afford them.  If you are into this content stuff , a spinner plugin or a spinner plugin must have came in your mind. A plugin which can be integrated with your wordpress site isn’t a bad idea to think about.

As I have received several emails asking to suggest a word spinner. So Today I am going to discuss in detail about the WordAi.

One thing you need to understand is that content spinners are here from a long time and there are several content spinners available in the market but you need to choose one which is the best to produce human readable content. Reason behind this is to avoid Google Ban hammer. Google is getting smarter everyday or I can simply say- Google don’t like spinned content and using such content which is not human readable can adversely affect your website for long run. So you have two option, either you hire someone to write content for you or you can go with a good content spinner.

I love blogging but I have some affiliate oriented sites for which I don’t get time enough time to write the content. And it usually happens when you are in the content world. In such situations, a tool which automatically rewrite the content comes to be very handy. Who would say no to take the content available on web and put it in automatic content spinner to generate a similar sets of  unique content.

I started using content spinner one and a half year ago. I started with wordpress auto spinner plugin, and then I moved to wordpress content spinner plugin.I wasn’t satisfied with there performance.I have also used Spin Rewriter Tool. My experience with the mentioned 3 wasn’t good but still if you had to choose from them, go for Spin Rewriter. The best alternative for Spin Writer is Word Ai. It is highly commended and listed as one of the best content rewriting tool in the market.

I have purchased it 6 months back and I am ready to share my opinion for Word Ai . I will tell you wether my journey with Word Ai will be continued or not.

So let’s take an in depth look at the things offered by WordAi including both of it’s Spinners- Standard and Turing to spin the content and analyse the quality of the content.

Let’s begin,

WordAi : Detailed Review with Pros and Cons

Overview of WordAi

WordAi is an automatic content spinning tool which rewrites all the sentences and paragraphs by changing its words, but the meaning remains the same. It generates a unique content. It is termed as the first multi language content spinner which can spin in the content written in four major languages : English, Spanish, French Italian.

According to it’s official page, wordai can assume the difference between two words. It makes sure that each and every word that have a synonym is replaced and that to sentence make sense. It not only understand the meaning of each word but also know how each word of the sentence interact and linked with the other word os the sentence.

Using WordAi you will be able to create a human readable content with a single click of your mouse. It searches for all the possible ways to rewrite the content on the basis of the actual meaning of the content. WordAi sometimes rewrites the complete sentences , so it miss the originality and meaning is changed.

Before spinning the article, WordAi read the complete article to understand what it is about and then spin the content with his understanding. It intends to create a human written content. With the understanding of the article WordAi create advanced paragraph and document level spins.

WordAi is a web-based with api integration tool, in simple words you can access to it from anywhere, wether you are at home or prefer a software, this api will do all that job. And in this you don’t have to play with spinning. You just need to put the content there and click the spin article, you will get the spinned article with the spinning syntax for SEO purpose.

The best thing about WordAi is that it support bulk spinning. You can upload the content to be spinned as a zip file and you can also download spinned one as a zip file. This works really well in case you have to deal with lots of clients. I am sure you will like WordAi for this feature.

WordAi Pricing:

WordAi offers two plans: Standard Plan and Turing Plan. Standard Plan costs $20 but to be very honest, with the standard plan you won’t be able to create good human readable content, actually it is worst if you want quality in the content. Though it is extremely favourable to use it for SEO services , well it do create quality content but the content look like spun which is okay for search engines.

Here’s the link to WordAi’s official Website –>WordAi | The Smartest Article Rewriter Ever

The touring plan is extremely favorable for good quality content. It is like you will think to ‘fire your writers’ because the quality of the content is really good and the spinned content is human readable. You can even sell the content on sites like Fiverr.

Turing Plan price:

Monthly subscription: $49.95 per month
Yearly Turing Plan: $347 per year

WordAi Features:

In case you have used a content rewriter previously, you must be aware of the perks that come within. However, wordai is different from other content spinners because of the following features.

  1. WordPress automatically rewrites all the sentences and paragraphs: Though this functionality is offered by most of the content spinners but they doesn’t work well enough as WordAi does. WordAi tries to understand the context of  the whole content and rewrites the sentences, keeping the meaning same as the original. It doesn’t view sentences just as a list of words, rather it look for them as they are real things trying to interact each other. This human like feature of WordAi allows it to create content from the scratch.Also the high level content it produces easily pass through the plagiarism content detectors like copyscape and even its hard for google to declare it as a copied content.
  2. WordAi understands the interaction between the words.
    This is a great feature of WordAi. It not only rewrites the sentences and paragraphs but also understand the meaning of each word and how it interact with other words. This help wordai to rewrite the content by focusing on the context of the content, which is very important.
  3. WordAi have better understanding of concepts and ideas:
    Before starting the rewriting , WordAi first understand the concept of the content in both generic and specific way. This enables the wordai to create better sentences and paragraphs on spinning. The content generated after spun are more unique versions of the original content. As non of the other rewriting tool have deep understanding of the content, so the content created by WordAi looks like Human written
  4. WordAi can create unique titles:
    This is a unique feature of WordAi which enables it to create title for the spinned content. It creates the title after reading and understanding the concept of the original content before spinning it. This comes very handy while creating content for SEO purpose as it saves the time
  5. WordAi creates synonyms:
    It dynamically creates the synonyms of the possible words making it indistinguishable from a human. Well this is the feature for which I really appreciate WordAi. Most of the content spinners I have used before used to just simply replace the words with its synonyms, but 90 percent of them dosen’t make any sense in the sentence. WordAi picks up the synonyms on the basis of understanding of the content and that synonym always make sense in the sentence.

The Standard Spinner

When you will hover over the spinner after login into your account, it provides you with 3 options. In standard spinner you need to add the content to be rewritten in the text box and then it gives you option to choose from the input levels of spinning quality.

  • First input spinning level: First spinning quality content allows you to choose the content quality generated by the WordAi. It gives you a total 7 quality content options like: Extremely Unique, very unique, regular, readable, very readable, extremely readable.
  • Second input spinning level:  Second level of spinning quality content allows you to choose wether you want WorAi to produce content for you. This creates a better and more unique version of your content in the end.
  • Third input spinning level: In this Third level of spinning you can choose if you want WordAi to add, rewrite or rearrange the sentences automatically or not. Just like previous option, this one also creates more unique version of the content.
  • Fourth input spinning level: In this fourth spinning option you can choose wether or not to allow the WordAi to spin complete paragraphs automatically for you. Again, this one will also provide you more unique versions of your content.

WordAi have provided directions for different types of content needs and here I am mentioning them all to make you clear about choosing the right option which satisfy your requirements.

  • Very Readable Content: For generating the very readable content, it is suggested to allow the content to pass through First input level and then allowing sentence rewriting ie., second input and paragraph spinning ie., third input level. For this you must avoid the fourth input level as this level won’t be able to generate more unique version of your content.
  • Readable and Unique Content: For generating readable and unique content it is recommended to use the same setting as mentioned for very readable content. The only difference is to set the content quality at first input level as ‘Readable’. These settings will create more unique versions of the content while keeping the content at high level of readability.  This settings maintain the balance between the human readability and the uniqueness of the content. Because of this feature these recommended settings are highly favourable.
  • Tier-1 Content: For tier-1 content , it is recommended to put the first input level as ‘Regular’. This setting is recommended by WordAi though I don’t prefer using it. I will rather suggest to put in on ‘Readable’. After this you can also activate the paragraph rewriting ie., fourth input level to generate better quality content.
  • Tier-2 Content: For tier-2 content, recommended settings are same as the tier-1 content. the only difference is to set the first input level as regular. It is important that lower tiers should have low quality of content that upper tiers as you might get caught by the google’s ninjas.

Above recommendations are given as the general guidelines to set your content for most popular situations. Feel free to customize it according to your requirement of the content. Just say for example, your tier-1 will build up only few links. for this you can set first input level as ‘very readable’ or even you can set it as ‘extremely readable’ as wordai will produce unique versions of your content.

So in simple words I can say that the more you set it to be as readable in the first input level, the serious will WordAi will become in picking up the synonyms for your words. The more it will be strict at the first input level the lesser versions of unique content will be generated but for sure they will be of more high quality and human readability.

Then if we do the opposite like setting the first input level towards more unique options. the WordAi will not care about the human readability of the sentences and the synonyms used will be of high quality. It will emphasise more on the replacing the words and phrases with their synonyms just to create the more unique version of the content as the end result.

Word Ai Turing Spinner:

To open turing spinner, just hover over the spinner menu and click at the turing spinner from the spinner submenu. The turing spinner have the same page as the standard spinner. You will have the same four inputs as the standard spinner had. There is one more addition to the turing spinner which allows to pick the title generated by the WordAi. There is one more difference that Turing Spinner have only five spinning quality settings:

  • Very Readable
  • Readable
  • Regular
  • Unique
  • Very Unique

Difference Between WordAi Turing and WordAi Standard Spinner:

So far I have mentioned about the two versions of the content spinners: Standard Spinner and the Turing spinner.
The ‘Standard’ spinner can perform all the functions that a content spinners available in the market can do. I would say it give a little better performance than others.

The content quality totally depends on the settings you have done before spinning the content. Wether you go for word spinning or paragraph spinning? The more you strict you will become while doing the settings the more unique content it will generate but in this case, readability might suffer badly. The content generated will not be in human readable format but can be easily used for SEO purpose.

Turing spinner of the WordAi focuses more on the quality of the content and its structure. It emphasise more on the flow of the content and not just aggressively swapping the words with their synonyms. First it clearly understand the context of the content and then swap the words in a way that it doesn’t affect the meaning of the content. It rewrite the whole content as it is written by a human author. This turing spinner is highly preferable if you wish to generate content for client work. The quality of the content is really good.

I personally prefer to use the turing spinner as it suites the best to my requirement. I have many blogs to manage and sometimes it becomes hectic to write on all the blogs. I better schedule the content on some less preferred blogs and for these I generate content using turing spinner. I am extremely satisfied with its quality as I have never faced any issue with the quality of the turing spinner. Though I will suggest the standard spinner for the SEO purpose as it take s less time to spin the content.

WordAi is a Foreign Language Spinner:

WordAi supports spinning in four different languages Italian, French, Spanish. You can simply enter the text in any of the mentioned language and WordAi will detect the language or you can manually chose the language. The content will be spun according to your customised settings or you can even opt for the recommended settings.

When you will enter the content and click on “spin now” button you will get back a spintax. If you wish to make changes to any of the word, you can simply edit by clicking on the word and a list of all possible synonyms will be shown as a list, you can choose the one that is appropriate according to the context of your content. You can select/unselect or add/remove or even you can type your synonym to replace the word. Use left/right key to move from one word to another quickly.

Well in case of using foreign language you can only select if you want your spinned content to be regular or readable and if you want to add/remove sentences from nested spintax automatically.

Ahh! I have no knowledge about these languages so i can’t perform and show the conversion in example.

Pro’s and Cons of WordAi:

Here I will share the advantages and disadvantages of using WordAi for you creating your website content.


  • Easy to Use: From the above discussion it is clear that WordAi is easy to use and it is simple to navigate and have a very straight forward approach.
  • You can add your own synonyms and replace the word.
  • Third Party installations: The WordAi API can be used with other any other tools
  • Multilingual: It performs well in 3 different languages. French, Spanish, Italian. It is the only spinner that supports a language other than English.
  • Free trial for 3 days: You can test the tool by using it for free for 3 days.
  • Web Interface: WordAi is a web interface and it can be accessed from any device.
  • It produces a human readable content. You just have to use the recommended settings. The content even looks like human written.


  • No lifetime plans: WordAi offers only monthly and yearly subscription plan while there are any other content rewriting tools in the market which offers lifetime access to the tool with one-time payment.
  • It is expensive: Both of its subscription charges are expensive and competitors provide much cheaper plans.
  • Word Limits: Both the standard and turing spinner have a monthly word limit.
  • Access to Internet required: To use WordAi you must be connected to the Internet as its works like a browser application


Automatically spinning features of WordAi are awesome. But it have its limitations when it comes to manually altering the spintax.

The content generated by WordAi is of Good quality but sometimes it looks like spun content and require manual editing. If it can understand the content like human then it can produce some pretty impressive content. Though it is far better than the other tools available in the market. Just addition of few more features will make it unbeatable.

The best part of WordAi is that it is incredibly easy to use. You can integrate the WordAi with almost all of the popular marketing tools.

If this all makes sense to you and you are interested to go for WordAi, here you go – WordAi’s Official Website

According to my experience the turing spinner creates content of better quality than the standard spinner. So I will recommend using turing over standard spinner.

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